Bounce Houses and Inflatable Rentals and Glenridge, NJ Go Hand in Hand

Renting bounce houses and inflatables has become the norm at most kids’ parties and other events that include kids. Beyond that, it is also a fantastic idea for family get-togethers, reunions, school fairs, and community festivities. Fun Time Entertainment is leading name in bounce houses and inflatable rentals in Glenridge NJ.

Imaginative inflatable units offer a compelling reason for kids to break free from their digital toys and television sets, and indulge in some healthy, physically energizing fun with friends. While some people may presume bounce houses are meant only for birthday parties, but in reality people are renting them for almost any occasion and any reason.


If you are planning an event that will include kids, consider the idea of choosing bounce house and inflatable rentals in Glenridge, New Jersey from Fun Time Entertainment. Our incredibly vast selection of creative products is the ideal way for your kids and their friends and families to socialize and interact with each other.

We will make the renting, delivery, and set up process completely convenient for you, and if you wish, we will even share ideas, themes and party planning with you, which revolve around bounce houses, water slides, dry slides, obstacle courses kiddie playlands, combo units, interactive, and entertainment items, and many other choices.

We have a variety of colors, sizes, and styles to suit the preferences of kids in different age groups. Every single product is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before it is delivered to you as a rental. All the products are made from approved materials and include built-in safety features to ensure complete safety and comfort of your kids.

Promoting Active Lifestyles

Apart from providing a fantastic amusement and fun opportunity for your kids, our bounce houses and inflatable rentals in Glenridge, NJ are also designed to promote health, fitness, and an active lifestyle for your kids. At such a young age, nature has not ordained a sedentary or lazy lifestyle for children. They have boundless energy in them, which needs to be released rather than remaining bottled up inside.

Bounce houses and inflatables can serve the purpose of promoting fitness and active lifestyles every effectively. The kids are not going to get tired of bouncing, jumping, climbing, hooping, sliding, and playing endlessly in our wonderfully imaginative inflatable units. You can add infinite fun and excitement to your kids’ event, and create sterling memories that will stay with you and your kids for a long time to come.