Energetic Bounce Houses and Inflatable Rentals that Light Up Little Falls, NJ

Are you searching for creative ideas to hold a kids’ theme party, school function, church event, or a community get-together that is going to involve a lot of kids? Well, with Fun Time Entertainment offering some of the most astonishingly innovative and unique bounce houses and inflatable rentals in Little Falls NJ, you need to look no further.

The concept of fantastic inflatable products as the center of attraction at any party or event that includes kids has caught on because it not provides an opportunity of unlimited fun and enjoyment to the kids, but also gives them an outlet to release their bundled up energy and gain physical benefits.

Our bounce houses, water slides and dry slides, interactive, combination units, kiddie playlands, and more are available in a wide range of themes, colors, and sizes to make your event super exciting and truly unique. Get ready to add an incredible zing to your party, and your kids are going to value your memories for a lifetime.

Health and Social Benefits

Fun Time Entertainment’s bounce houses and inflatable rentals in Little Falls, New Jersey are created using the highest quality standards and follow the prescribed safety norms. They are designed to promote healthy exercise and activity for children in all age groups, and at the same time, keep them entertained for hours.

A key challenge for parents is to encourage the kids to play outdoors, and not spend the entire spare time in front of the TV, computer, mobile, or gaming consoles. Our interesting and extremely fun-filled bounce houses and other inflatable products will entice them to spend a full day performing aerobic activities through jumping, bouncing, climbing, shooting hoops, sliding, and playing.

A History of Bounce Houses

The inventor of bounce houses was John Scurlock, an engineer and a US army veteran who made valuable contributions to NASA and the oil and gas industry through his innovative creations. He finally used his imaginative ideas and materials to develop a hugely popular amusement ride called the “Space Walk.” Nearly half a century ago, the Scurlock family started promoting and renting Space Walks for kids’ birthday parties, school events, company fairs and picnics, and a host of other celebrations.

We at Fun Time Entertain draw our inspiration from Scurlock and constantly strive to take his inventions forward. Today our bounce houses and inflatable rentals in Little Falls, NJ are the numerouno rented party centerpiece and a staple for many birthday parties, fundraisers, church festivals, and backyard BBQs.