The People in Cedar Grove, NJ have Plenty of Moon Bounce Options

Fun Time Entertainment is a premier and full-service party/events rental company, with years of experience to boot. We are known to organize the best parties in town with our ready inventory of the best party rentals. Want to create the ultimate superhero party for your 4 year old? Or the perfect pop star themed party for your sweet sixteen? We can handle it all.

Creating the Ultimate Experience

Fun karoke events, kids parties, graduations, corporate events, bar mitzwhas, communions, anniversaries, fund raisers, and much more. Just tell us what you need and we will create the most spectacular Moon Bounce Cedar Grove NJ events for your guests.

Fancy a casino night? Want to have your guests challenge their kismet? We have an extensive collection of casino equipment to keep your guests busy with several rounds of fun and games. Whether it’s a prize money wheel with a stand or a 79 Blackjack table with foot rail or even a sensation looking, vintage Hollywood style Roulette table – Fun Entertainment can have it all effortlessly organized for you.

Create Your Own Fairy Tale Land

Help your little guests enjoy a world of imagination, creativity and fun play with our kiddie playlands. The themed playlands are vibrantly designed to add the right dose of excitement and fun play to the party. Little guests enjoy jumping around and exploring their fantasy world as they get into a Mickey Park learning club, Sesame Street Learning Town, or the ultimate Animal Kingdom. Not only do they have a blast here, but kids also manage to learn about our world while they play these interactive and imaginative games.

Fun Time Entertainment realizes that is important to stimulate the resourcefulness and imagination of young minds. Any party or event that successfully does that will win little fans forever. We make your events/parties enjoyable and memorable, without much stress to you. Sourcing multiple equipment from various sources can be demanding and time-consuming.

It can involve a lot of careful planning, sourcing, and researching to buy the most thematically relevant equipment for your events. Fun Time Entertainment delivers everything you need to make your parties/events stellar.

Celebrations are made special only with thoughtful planning, careful attention to guest’s preferences and stimulating activities that can keep them engaged for long. We have mastered the art and science of creating the region’s most perfect events. Gets the ball rolling for fun times ahead by dropping us a line or calling us today!