Moon Bounce in Little Falls, NJ Like You never have Before

Fun Time Entertainment is a well-known and experienced local events rental company that offers some of the best party gear in town. Whether its kiddie birthday parties or anniversary bashes or corporate events or even casino nights, we do it all.

With years of experience under our belt, Fun Time can make any event spectacular. We can organize everything from fun food carts to fun theme water slides to challenging interactive inflatables. Get inside the Boxing Ring for a bout of fun or challenge your little guests for a stimulating game of basketball. Moon Bounce Little Falls parties just got better with our newest buzz in town party equipment.

Our highly popular photo booth is the unique attraction that wows both adults and children with its magic. Guests will have a roar of a time creating funny, bizarre, downright weird images that grab the right social media attention. This is the perfect addition for kiddie and teen birthday parties. It’s simple, yet adds an element of uniqueness to the event.

Walt Disney has nothing on You

Our new age photo booth gets together the most flattering elements of the modern day’s new digital features with the vintage factors of the traditional photo booth. Don’t waste time running around various event equipment rentals. Give us a shout out and we’ll do the rest.

Fun Time Entertainment is a one-stop shop for all party equipment related needs. Just talk to our expert and experienced event equipment representative to host the best events in town. The best events don’t just happen. They are a result of careful planning, consistent effort and super organization skills. Most of all, the best parties are those that source the right equipment to keep their guests enthralled.

Pick Your Theme!

Our super popular 5 in 1 combo moon bounces evoke the right mixture of imagination, stimulation, fun and play in kids. Enjoy jumping around and solving tricky mysteries, while running behind monsters that always track down Scooby Doo and his gang of pals. For those looking for more options, Fun Time Entertainment offers the Disney Princess 5 in 1, the Finding Nemo 5 in 1, the Sponge Bob 5 in 1 combo and more.

These fantasy world creations are the perfect equipment for theme based parties. Rent them at affordable prices to have a knock-out party that will keep people talking for days. We offer the ultimate boost with our wide array of fun rental equipment for perfectly organized parties in town.