Toilet Racers

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“Ladies and gentlemen start your toilet’s”. That’s right your toilet’s! Toilet-Racing is an hilarious team building event that’s sure to please. We offer two cool game options – for “no holds-barred” action choose the grand prix style tyre track, where up to four Loo riders can race head to head. This action is not for the faint hearted! Or if it’s laughs you’re looking for, then try the inflatable game option.

The idea is that two riders aboard motorized toilet-Racers start under a ladies and gen cubicle. On the drop of the flag they race off to gather all their toilet rolls and stick them on the bright colored toilets at each end of the track. Once all rolls are on, riders must motor round and pull the chain, first to flush wins! Either way toilet-Racing is serious fun and perfect for parties and team building!